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What is Digital Parliamentary Library

The project of Joint Czech and Slovak Digital Parliamentary Library was established in Slovakia in 2002, when the Treaty on cooperation in the digitization of parliamentary documents between the National Council of the Slovak Republic and Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic Parliament was signed. The joint project followed the project which had already been active in the Parliament of the Czech Republic for 8 years.

Joint Czech and Slovak Digital Parliamentary Library is an electronic form of complete texts of parliamentary documents (law proposals including explanatory statements and resolutions), stenographic reports and other parliamentary documents, which aims to improve access to comprehensive information about parliamentary documents, and informing the public about the activities of Parliament.

Who is participating in the common project:

The aim of the project was the creation and operation of a single information system:


According to the contract about cooperation in the creation and operation of the common Czech and Slovak Digital Library of Parliament of Czech republic and the National Council of Slovak republic from 3th of June 2002, in final form, digital library will contain ekectronic form of complete texts of documents, stenographic reports and other documents since 1848 to present, which will be accessible on the website of both parliaments. Both parliaments use private companies which won competition in public procurement for documents digitizing. It is company NUPSESO in Slovakia, which is the exclusive ABBYY software distributor. This software can also identify hardly legible script (eg, very hardly identifiable archaic Schwabach, from which Bohemian Provincial Assembly documents of the late 19th century are digitized, part of which is, according to the Contract, digitizing in Slovakia).